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Drawing graphics the distinction between scientific method and design method.

  1. All universities in the world that need to build a nano-genetics unit to be able to obtain international classifications accreditations among world universities 

  2. Providing and building genetic barometric units for all departments of technological genomics, biotechnology,medicine, pharmaceutical science and biological medical sciences of all kinds. It is also required that the minimum building unit for universities be not less than 20 samples (small unit)

  3. Classifying  and taxonomical of living organisms using the the recent methods by photos sample through registered inventions with us, to get the results of the percentage of presence of the organism species or their like in the place of country and also in the world. where . Drawing graphs by our inventions.

  4. Drawing graphics maps  of samples evolution for special unit for the required sample with the first genetic map in the world

All scientific information related to the sample collected from all over the world or its development, in other words, obtaining the genetic origin of the sample using special tables for very special requests

الهاجر ار اند دى
الهاجر ار اند دى

Providing scientific consultations to:

  • All universities and scientific colleges in the world

  • Scientific research centers

  • Private universities (technology and biotechnology)

  • Governmental bodies concerned with environmental conservation

  • Pharmaceutical colleges,

  • Science and medical science

  • Food and beverage companies

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