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Al Hager R & D Company

for Scientific Consultations

Providing scientific consultations for universities and scientific organizations , we do not deal with individuals.

Wikipedia scientific designer
Drawing graphics the distinction between scientific method and design method.

Al Hager R & D Company for Scientific Consultations

 building units of nano-parameter genes with genomics sequencing and geographical maps

The owner of Al-Hajer R&D Company, the inventor is the only owner of several world-first inventions.

  1. The company is the first inventor of several inventions in the world and the company also has priority registration for these inventions at the Ministry of Scientific Research and the Patent Registration Office and Scientific and Technological Research under numbers 2023101631 - 2023101627.

  2. More than 16 years of scientific and academic experience in genetic and biological engineering

  3. 16 years of experience as head of biology departments in scientific colleges, genomics department in the Gulf countries.

  4. She holds certificates of philosophy Doctorate, Biological Science with excellence and appreciation from international and Arab universities, due to its scientific excellence and being the first in the world in its inventions.

  5. Our inventions depend on image samples and not old research methods for the following (human - plants - bacteria - animals - whole genome sequencing)

  • الهاجر ار اند دى
  • الهاجر ار اند دى
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